Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th June 2014

On the evenings of Tuesday and Wednesday, 24 and 25 June, 24 members had the opportunity to look at wild flowers with Simon Harrap. He is an expert regarding wild flower identification and last year published an excellent guide - Harrap's Wild Flowers.

The visit took place at Cranwich Camp in Breckland, which is one of the top sites for flowers in this part of Norfolk. Simon began by giving a short history of the site and the ecology of the area.  To those of us not experienced in finding wild flowers our surroundings looked mainly like tall grassland.  However, under Simon's expert guidance we found all sorts of wonderful plants. We saw the commoner species such as Viper's Bugloss, along with amazing displays of Pyramidal Orchids - it was obviously a good year for these very attractive plants. But we also saw a lot of Spanish Catchfly, along with dainty little Proliferous Pinks - both species just about restricted in Britain to Breckland. A variety of clovers revealed themselves as did various vetches. A beautiful Forester moth settled on clover and the whole evening turned out to be one of discovery for us all.

Kathy Gray

Pictures: Tony Gray