Sellers and snowdrops arrive
Sellers and snowdrops arrive




30th JANUARY 2016

Over the years I have attended quite a few snowdrop galas, snowdrop events, snowdrop sales, snowdrop talks, snowdrop lunches, snowdrop teas and visited more snowdrop gardens than I like to think about. It may surprise you, therefore, to learn that I am not a galanthophile. I just happen to live with one! I do enjoy taking photos of them though and the social side of it.

Norfolk Plant Heritage is well known for its study days, so efficiently organised by Kathy Gray and backed up by a willing and well drilled team of committee members and supporters. The Snowdrop Gala held on Saturday 30th January was a superb example of how to run an event.

Over a hundred members and visitors, some from many miles away including Bedfordshire, Lincolnshire, Devon and even Northern Ireland, gathered in the village hall at East Tuddenham to buy snowdrops, listen to two talks on snowdrops and to, as far as I could judge, thoroughly enjoy themselves. Also present were four national collection holders, including two of those holding national Galanthus collections. Margaret and David MacLennan who hold one of the Galanthus collections in Carlisle mounted a splendid display of snowdrops and snowdrop photos.

Below is a gallery of 47 photographs taken throughout the day both before and during the event. You may well have looked at our display boards carrying 'A selection of Norfolk snowdrops' but should you have missed it, or just wish to see them again, plus a few more they can be viewed here.

Words and photos by David King.