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Posted by David King - Thursday 2nd April 2020

We have had recently some rather nice early spring days - apart from the biting wind which stopped Brian and I from having our daily two mile walk and from being out in the garden, except for very short excursions. Not quite so good now but ok and spring is certainly sprung in our garden and these are just a few of those plants and flowers that I have photographed over the last few days.

Posted by Kathy Gray - Thursday 2nd April 2020

Despite all the problems we are experiencing at the moment, Spring is as lovely as ever. Below are a few photos taken in our garden. The Barnhaven primroses are those that Janet and Linda grew and sold at last year's Gala. They are superb plants (although slightly past their best - apologies) and are starting to seed around. The Clematis is just starting to come out and puts on a lovely show every year with little or no care from me. Our pond was installed early autumn last year so is still very new. However, what was so amazing was that within a week of the installation we had a Willow Emerald dragonfly visit. How do they know that it's there? Do they smell the water? Well, whatever, we were very pleased to see him as it's quite a rare dragonfly and a late visitor. A few weeks ago we could count up to 33 frogs in residence. Quite amazing and we now have a huge amount of frog spawn. No doubt the blackbirds will feast on some of the tadpoles, but hopefully enough will survive to adult frogs. Once they have laid their spawn, they all but disappear - presumably they are around and hopefully feeding on slugs and other garden nasties,  but we see very few of them until next year. Pulmonaria 'Diana Clare' was bought from Cotswold Garden Flowers and Bob Brown named it after his wife. It's a favourite pulmonaria. The two shrubs pictured are not rare or 'special' but have been in the garden for years. However, I love them not just for their flowers but for their scent. Wonderful.

Posted by Brian Eliis - Thursday 2nd April 2020

A few photographs to brighten your day. I crept outside to take them my goodness it's cold out there so I didn’t stay out long. After Erythronium tuolomense, E. 'Miss Jessop' was the first to flower and E.'Winifred Loraine' is nearly out. Coming soon Sanguinaria canadensis and Sanguinaria canadensis 'Star', Epimediums are flowering all over the place and Brunnera macrophylla 'King's Ransom'. Had to stop there as I was getting cold. This is my favourite time of the year as there is so much promise of things to come and it is lovely to see colour coming back into the garden now.

Posted by John Wilson - Thursday 2nd April 2020

Pictures from the garden of Chesnut Farm, West Beckham

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Posted by Anne Gilbert - Friday 3rd of April 2020

It all started mid March when I put out a trap to catch a rat. Sadly in my haste, I put a rabbit trap out and not the rat trap! Next morning I’d caught a hedgehog! He was not happy, but ran off when released, so I started to put food out. And they’ve been visiting ever since. Yes, We got the rat the next day!

Posted by Sally Smith - Friday 3rd April 2020

Camelia Brushfield yellow, Ko jo no mai, unnamed purple tulips

Posted by Ashan Ali - Friday 3rd April 2020

I'm pleased with how the garden is looking as I have had lots of time to get jobs done, but with the lockdown in place, have only had myself and the dog to appreciate it!

There have been a few sharp frosts this week which have burnt a few of the Magnolia flowers. The tall Magnolia is ' Galaxy' which was the first Magnolia I planted about 11 years ago and is now almost as tall as the house. The smaller Magnolia is ' Heaven scent', which has also been flowering nicely. There are several Camellias still in flower and the first rhododendron is just opening too. Foliage on the Acers has started to emerge, but ' Orange Dream' seems to be farther ahead than the others. Hellebores are continuing to flower and havent all gone to seed. I love foliage plants and have included pictures of Photinia  'Pink crispy' and Pseudowintera colorata.

Posted by Nicola Cooke on Saturday 4th April 2020

Some quick garden photos taken on the mobile this morning!  My husband David and I moved here just over a year ago and are still getting to know all the various plants.  The garden is just under 20 years old, and we’re not planning any major changes to the lay-out or planting, although I would like a pond – and maybe one or two extra beds!  I’ve been a Plant Heritage member for about 3 years now and have still got a lot to learn - having finished work last year, and now in ‘lock-down’, there should be plenty of time for extending my knowledge!

Posted by Anne Gilbert on Saturday 4th April 2020

Posted by Ann Reed on Saturday 4th April 2020

Amelanchier in all its glory and what a good year it's been for Hellebores!