Thursday 12th June 2014

Welcomed by Christine Howard to their 150 acre nurseries nearly 50 members, after a light supper, were shown four of the major areas of production. The process started in the glass houses where all kinds of cuttings are rooted and bugs are bred to reduce the need for chemical control. We then moved to the splitting shed where thousands of plants are divided and then planted out in well over 50 acres at any time (the remaining land is fallow or used by local farmers for crop rotation). The potting shed had a demonstration of the Javo potting machine which enabled staff to pot up 12,000 plants that day.

The nurseries are self sufficient in rain water supply and the reservoirs on site hold 6 million gallons of water. The site has all the irrigation directed back to the reservoir with a reed bed filtering system and conservation areas abundant with birds, wildlife and wild flora.  Inevitably the evening concluded with a cup of coffee followed by a feeding frenzy in the sales area, and many came away with some lovely plants to remind us of our visit.

Brian Ellis

Pictures: David King