19th June 2016

Sunday afternoon was warm and bright for our visit to the garden of David Pulling and Paul Clarke at Horsford Hall. Indeed the day before had been somewhat dull and chilly and the day after very wet so we were lucky to hit such a good day. It is some fifteen or more years since the previous Norfolk Group visit to Horsford Hall and David and Paul have developed the garden massively during that time. Walking through the kitchen garden with lots of vegetables and a mature fig tree full of fruit beginning to mature brought one to a choice of routes through the garden. Turning left opened up a vista with the house to the left, a fountain in front and an avenue of wisteria to the right. The more we explored the more we found with ever changing compartments and views as corners were turned. Plenty of horticultural interest too with many Cornus and a lovely Calycanthus and Sinocalycanthus chinensis among the treasures. The gallery below hopefully gives you a taste of what we saw.

Words by David King, photos by David King & Brian Ellis