30th JULY 2015



The Agapanthus Study Day was led by Richard Hobbs and took place on the Raveningham Estate and in the private garden of John Metcalf.  The workshop covered agapanthus species and cultivars; the roles played by Lady Priscilla Bacon and by Lewis Palmer in the breeding, cultivation and naming of varieties; and, the structure and composition of individual flowers.  No workshop is complete without taking apart a flowerhead or two and the group got a detailed insight into the inner workings of an agapanthus.  The morning session ended in the Raveningham nursery beds where the flowers were blooming 'en masse' and where personal favourites were dug up and bought.

John Metcalf's garden was, as usual, magnificent and abundant.  Agapanthus are grown as part of his mixed borders and so the group could appreciate how these elegant and statuesque plants could be used as part of a floral garden.

This was another excellent workshop organised by Kathy Gray, so many thanks to her.  Thank you also to Richard for sharing his expertise and knowledge.  Thank you to John Metcalf for the private guided tour of his garden and to Sir Nicholas and Lady Bacon for access to their estate.

Pamela Clark

Pictures by David King